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Reliable help in unblocking Instagram and restoring all accounts quickly and for a long time – our company provides professional services for any type of ban!

разблокировка аккаунта в инстаграм
разблокировать инстаграм

How to unlock your Instagram account

We have experience in full recovery of deleted or blocked accounts. For several years we have been solving any problems with social networks. And our main advantage is that we specialise in specific social media platforms, study their algorithms and features, and provide personal support to our clients.

Why they can block you


To promote an account, you often use the method of spreading spam, scoring subscribers and likes, and this is a direct violation of Instagram terms and conditions.


Instagram monitors content and prohibits violent or sexual content, including discrimination and bullying in posts.


Fraudsters can steal your account by gaining unauthorised access to it. This happens through a user clicking on a link,


The site's security system reacts quickly enough to suspicious activity on your account, as well as to any attempt to hack your account.

How much do our unlocking services cost?

We know how to properly communicate with the social network’s tech support, we are well familiarised with all the points of the community guidelines and rules that absolutely must not be violated. In accordance with the algorithms of the platform, which are constantly changing and improving, we use certain tools to restore access to the page in Insta. When contacting us, you will receive practical recommendations to avoid another deactivation of the account in the future. The basic rate starts at $1000 and goes up to $1500 ($1200 for the return of a stolen account).

Basic tariff

$ 1000
Result in 1-3 months
99% guarantee
Full support
We work under contract
instagram разблокировать аккаунт

Fast unlocking

We can help you unlock your Instagram page quickly if you have:

Don't lose the moment

There is no way to prevent this situation on your own: the page has fans who begin to actively complain about posts or stories, discuss photos, in connection with which the administration of the site can at any time send the account to a shadow ban or completely block it. And while Instagram will deal with the problem and consider your application, a lot of time may pass. And, alas, you risk losing an audience of subscribers and customers.

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