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A blue checkmark on Instagram indicates that the account is verified. This means that a particular user page has an official status and is linked to a certain brand or personality.

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Buy blue checkmark Instagram

In 2023, it became possible to officially buy an Instagram tick. However, here it is necessary to understand one point: this cherished mark does not give the right of personal access to the technical support service, and also the user does not receive priority when issuing information in the feed. Yes, and protect it from theft or hacking of your account will not be able to.

If you need verification of Instagram, buy the insignia of your page you can in order to actually confirm the belonging of your profile specifically to your person. In other words, it’s official proof that your page is not a fake.

That’s why getting a checkmark on Instagram is the desire of many bloggers and famous experts. Public personalities spend a lot of time, money and effort to make their page recognizable, more attractive, competitive.

What are the requirements от


Verification is only allowed for one account linked to one identity.


It can't be fan accounts and their analogs. It must be a page of a real user.


There should be a picture of the page, personal details, and posts should be published.

How much does it cost to get a tick?

We will consider your issue, carry out a full analytics of your account, the quality of filling and maintaining the profile and based on the obtained data determine the methods of further solution.

We provide services both to users who have already submitted a request to the Instagram team on their own, and to bloggers who have never sent a request before.

Depending on the situation, the wait for an official response can last from 30 days. We work for results, help you get 100% approval and give you valuable recommendations on how to promote your pages.

Basic tariff

$ 2000
Result in 2 to 4 months
We give a 99% guarantee
Full support
We work under contract
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What is the purpose of the check mark?

Having an Instagram checkmark on your account will provide the following benefits:

Why contact us?

Every social network user can submit a request for verification and receive a blue badge of honor. However, there are many pitfalls here, because the platform is quite picky and takes seriously the person who undergoes verification. And it is unlikely that you will be able to find out what certain criteria exist and whether you meet them, even by request to the technical service.

Leave a request

We will help you prove the importance of your brand and your company in this popular social network, we work honestly and transparently. For us, you are the main candidate for official verification in Instagram and confirmation of the reality of your account!

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