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Unblocking Tik Tok and regaining access to your account is not an easy task if you take on the task yourself. This platform is known for its serious quality control of published content, so if a user posts material that contradicts the norms of the law, it will be immediately sanctioned.

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разблокировать тик ток

Why unlock Tik Tok?

Our company considers situations where a Tik Tok account has been legitimately blocked, as well as if there was no obvious reason for it. We provide effective assistance in restoring your personal profile and give practical recommendations on how to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Active activity on this platform brings a good income, if you have a lot of regular subscribers, the number of video views is growing in progression and new content is regularly posted. However, at any moment the profile can be banned and you will need to restore access to your personal account.

What types of bans are most

Denial of access

You are not allowed to access another user's content, your account will be inaccessible to other audience of the app.

Shadow ban

Shadow ban, when your profile views, posts, and any other activity you've been doing is drastically reduced


Blocking by decision of the administration for a certain period of time or without the possibility of restoration

How much do our unlocking services cost?

We have a well-established practice of effectively resolving such problems. We find out the reason for blocking the account, after which we consider all possible methods of bypassing it and file an appeal with tech support. Taking into account that each situation is unique, the unblocking time may take up to several months.

To speed up the wait for a response from tech support, we will do a full audit of your account, make a fail-map and prepare a motivated letter to the administration of Tic Toc.

Price of unlocking tic toc 1-1.5 dollars (2-4 months). We provide services only after a full analysis of the situation, determining what mistakes were made and why the account was blocked.

Basic tariff

$ 1500
Result in 1-3 months
We give a 99% guarantee
Full support
We work under contract
разблокировка тикток

Quick unlock

We can help you unlock your Tik Tok page quickly if you have:

Don't lose the momentum

Our experience shows that this social network has a rather strange algorithm of work, so a profile can be blocked even without a hint of a specific violation. Very strict moderation and algorithms indicate that it is unlikely to unblock a Tik Tok account on your own.

Leave a request

If you have caught a permanent or temporary block of your account, we will help you to solve this issue through an appeal and the presentation of irrefutable arguments in your favor.

разблокировать тик ток

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